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Tricks & Tips to Make Your Road Trips With Your Dog Easier

Taking your dog on a road trip is undoubtedly super enjoyable, but it can also be super stressful at the same time. Of course, road trips enable you with the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors with all the family members without leaving the pup back at home.

Also, the dog will be more than happy to sniff new scents and frolic with you in the new places. But you have to prepare for the road trips and plan things accordingly to ensure that your pet remains safe, healthy as well as happy on the road.

Check out the post to know some useful tips to make your road trips with dogs way easier and make them a memorable experience.

Get Some Test Drives

Of course, traveling with your pet sitting in the front seat is an exciting affair, but before you do that, it is important to go for a test drive. You can start with some short trips and then increase the length of the trips.

This will help you to detect the issues – like how soon your dog wants to relieve himself or whether your dog gets carsick quickly? Also, whether he has a tendency to paw at you while driving. All these experiences will help you to prepare better for the trip.

Get Regular Stops

It is important to take a break every 2-3 hours to let your dog relieve and give some water. Every time you take a halt for mealtimes, make sure to feed your dog light and wait for some time before you get back to the road. Keep the dog on a leash in case you are planning for a halt on highways, and never ever leave alone in the car.  

Keep Your Dog Calm

Every living being needs some refreshment and joy, and the same goes for the dog as well. Make sure to keep your dog calm by playing soothing music. You can also give him his favorite chew toy on the drive. If you are traveling with your partner or someone else, ask them to gently stroke the dog at regular time intervals. It is also important to maintain an even speed while driving. It is because dogs are very curious and prone to motion sickness. Sudden jerks and high speed can make them disturbed.

Carry-All the Essentials

While on a trip, you must carry all the essentials like food, bowl, adequate fresh water, collar, leash, car-sickness bags, blankets, medication, treats, toys, etc. You should also buy and carry an underground dog fence along with you.

It will be quite helpful for you to restrict the movement of the dog in an unknown place and will protect you from getting into any problems. In case of outdoor stays, make sure to have a dog bed and a crate, and it should be large enough. In case it is only you and the dog, then consider getting the seat belt harness.

Carry First Aid Kit for Your Dog

Whenever you are traveling outside, make sure to carry a pet first aid kit. This will help you to deal with minor nicks, remove foxtails and ticks and also wrap any injuries. All you need is to prepare a list of the veterinary clinics or health centers along the way of your journey to your destination.

Also, add the pet poison helpline number in the list if your dog ingests any toxic substance. If the area you are going to does not have enough access to veterinarians, you must sign up for tele-health services to get the best healthcare advice in case of any emergency.

Get Some Time off the Road

It happens that while on a long journey, we tend to drive for several days at a stretch. If you also have such planning, make sure that the dog has enough time off the road. This will help to recover from the overall exertion of the journey. Try to spend some time or be with your dog after you end the ride for the day. Try offering him adequate food and water. Don’t forget to check for the signs of dehydration, ticks, fleas, etc.

In a nutshell, nothing can be better than going for a road trip with your trip. It is best suggested to keep all the stress at bay and form a strong bond with the dog while traveling. You can stop or halt at interesting places like wooded places or can take on mini hikes so that you can get back to the car or resort in an hour. Always let your dog enjoy himself and set him free, but of course, with all the limitations. Hopefully, you end up having a wonderful and memorable trip.