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Labradoodle Training

Congratulations on your desire to learn more about training your new Labradoodle. One of the signs of a responsible owner is making sure your Labradoodle is obedient and well-behaved around others. You must make sure your Labradoodle understands basic commands, for the safety of yourself and your family, not to mention visitors to your home.

In addition, if you don’t get a handle on your dog while he’s young, you run the risk of raising a hyperactive “unsocialized” monster who is a danger to himself and others. Take the following example. It’s Saturday morning, and you and your family are off for the local park. Does your dog stay or go? A large part of that decision hinges on his behavior. If he’s going to run around bothering other people, running out into traffic, etc, you’ll probably think twice about taking him. Right?

However, if he can heel, sit, and stay, he’s much easier to handle, and will have a much better life. You see, Labradoodles, like all dogs, are pack animals. They want to become part of your pack, and spend as much time with you as possible. They don’t want to spend their days confined to a pen, chained up in the back yard forgotten, or sleeping in their crate.